Grand Place


The unit price of the invitation in the basic version depends on the number of ordered pieces.

Basic version: gold-plated invitation card + envelope.

quantity Discount (%) Price
1 - 49 21,50 
50 - 59 0 % 34,90 
60 - 69 0 % 29,90 
70 - 79 0 % 26,90 
80 - 89 0 % 24,90 
90 - 99 0 % 22,90 
100 - 109 0 % 21,50 
110 - 119 4.65 % 20,50 
120 - 129 8.84 % 19,60 
130 - 139 13.02 % 18,70 
140 - 149 15.35 % 18,20 
150 - 159 18.14 % 17,60 
160 - 169 19.53 % 17,30 
170 - 179 20.93 % 17,00 
180 - 189 21.86 % 16,80 
190 - 199 22.79 % 16,60 
200+ 23.72 % 16,40 

Additional options

Expressive, elegant wedding invitations Grand Place in black and white, decorated with gold details and a hand-drawn illustration of the wedding venue.

Biało czarne eleganckie zaproszenia na ślub ze złotem
Zaproszenia ślubne na czarnym papierze
Czarne zaproszenia ślubne z białym nadrukiem i złotem
Złocone zaproszenia z rysunkiem miejsca ślubu
Karta potwierdzenia na ślub rsvp czarna ze złotem
Czarny lak ze złotem
Inicjały pary na ślub
Zaproszenia ślubne na czarnym papierze
Nowoczesna biało czarna papeteria ślubna

Detailed information and specifications

What is the ordering process like?

Invitations can be completed at your own discretion, by choosing additional cards and decorations to the basic set, which are listed on the order list. After placing the order, we will prepare a project for you and adjust the content of the invitations to your needs. Then we will send you the project in the form of visualization.


Print technique: digital
Refinement: hot-stamping gilding
Paper: premium smooth off-white, laminated up to 600g; smooth, mass-dyed black, laminated up to 600g
Case: smooth black 120g
Dimensions: 16.5 x 11.5 cm


Personalization is a service that prints guest names on invitations and/or envelopes. After placing the order, we will send you instructions in which we will tell you how to prepare individual personalization lists. At the stage of placing the order, we do not need your guests' data, in the instructions we will specify in detail when they should be sent. If you do not choose the personalization option, we will designate a place on the invitation and/or envelope for handwritten guest names.

Language versions

It is possible to make invitations in an additional language version. If you choose this option, we will create a project for you, which will be prepared on the basis of the text you send. This is an ideal option for those couples who are planning a wedding reception in an international group.

*Our studio does not perform translations.

Text versions

It is possible to make an additional text version of the invitation. The service consists in differentiating individual information on the invitation, e.g. information about the party, accommodation, etc.


Especially for you, we can create a dedicated illustration showing the selected place. Illustrations are sketched by hand or painted in watercolor. All our works are unique. We also make sure that they are a perfect complement to the other elements of the order.

To make an illustration, we need a photo of a given place/object. We select the photos and send them for approval, or in the case of less popular places, we ask you to send them.


It is possible to modify the color of the invitations: envelope, additional card, refining foil (gilding), wax stamp. If you are interested in such changes, select the appropriate option and describe the details in the comments to the order.

If you want to make more changes, please choose an individual project or contact our team.


Invitations, cards and decorations are usually sent to you separately - all elements are ready for self-assembly. It is possible to order the service of completing, i.e. comprehensive preparation of sets of invitations. In this option, the cards will be completed with envelopes, tied with threads, fastened with sealing wax - the invitations are ready to be handed out.

Completion is an additionally paid service and calculated automatically after selecting the option.

Lead time

Making wedding invitations for you includes two stages: design and implementation.

Design - within 10-15 working days we will send a visualization of the invitation with your details for approval. You can make any adjustments at this stage. When you accept the project, we will move on to the next part of the order. This is also the moment when we will need a guest personalization list.

Implementation - we print, decorate and complete your order. It will be ready to ship within 10-15 business days. We'll let you know as soon as it leaves our studio.

Express realization

If time is of the essence for you, it is possible to speed up the execution of the order. With this option, we shorten the stages of order preparation to 15 business days.

Express processing is additionally payable and calculated automatically after selecting the option.

Meet quality our stationery and order samples of the collection of your choice.

Add sparkle to your ceremony with stylish extras.

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