Grand place – Alcohol pendants


The unit price of the pendant depends on the number of ordered pieces. The price includes one text version of the pendant.

quantity Discount (%) Price
1 - 39 5,90 
40 - 49 0 % 8,90 
50 - 59 0 % 7,90 
60 - 69 0 % 7,20 
70 - 79 0 % 6,70 
80 - 89 0 % 6,40 
90 - 99 0 % 6,10 
100 - 119 0 % 5,90 
120 - 139 1.69 % 5,80 
140 - 159 3.39 % 5,70 
160 - 179 5.08 % 5,60 
180 - 199 6.78 % 5,50 
200 - 219 8.47 % 5,40 
220 - 239 10.17 % 5,30 
240 - 259 11.86 % 5,20 
260 - 279 13.56 % 5,10 
280 - 299 15.25 % 5,00 
300+ 16.95 % 4,90 

Additional options

Expressive, elegant wedding accessories Grand Place in black and white, decorated with gold details.

Detailed information and specifications

What is the ordering process like?

An order for wedding accessories should be placed no later than 6 weeks before the wedding date. We understand that the organization of a wedding is a complicated undertaking and many elements are added just before the ceremony. We try to adapt our activities to your needs, which is why we give you the opportunity to send content, i.e. guest lists for vignettes, table layout plans, menus, etc. at a time convenient for you, but no later than 3 weeks before the wedding date.

When we get the necessary data from you, we will adapt the stationery to your needs. Then we will send you the project in the form of visualization. If you place an order or send data later than mentioned above, the order will be treated as express.


Print technique: digital
Refinement: hot-stamping gilding
Paper: uncoated offwhite 300g
Dimensions: 10 x 5 cm

Text/language versions

It is possible to make different versions of the text on the tags, e.g. specific types of drinks or language options. For this purpose, select the appropriate number of additional text versions that you want to include in the order.

*Our studio does not perform translations.


It is possible to modify wedding accessories in terms of color: refining foil, thread/ribbon. If you are interested in such changes, select the appropriate option and describe the details in the comments to the order.

If you want to make more changes, please choose an individual project or contact our team.


Accessories with accompanying elements (threads, ribbons, bands by the menu, etc.) are normally sent to you separately - all elements are prepared for self-assembly. It is possible to order a service of comprehensive assembly of all elements (tickets will be tied with threads, wristbands will be matched with the menu, place cards will be arranged according to the seating of guests at the tables).

Completion is an additionally paid service and calculated automatically after selecting the option.

Lead time

The entire process of order fulfillment is adjusted to the date of the ceremony and largely depends on when we receive from you a complete set of data that is necessary to complete the project. Making wedding accessories includes two processes: design and implementation.

Design - when we receive a complete set of data and content from you (at least 3 weeks before the date of the ceremony), we will prepare a visualization of wedding accessories for your approval. You can make any adjustments at this stage.

Implementation - we print, decorate and complete the order. The date of your wedding determines our activities - we organize work so that the order reaches you as planned. Remember, however, that creating high-quality stationery takes time - beautiful things don't like rushing. That is why it is so important that you provide us with all information on time. When the order is ready and the courier collects the parcel, we will inform you about it.

Express realization

If time is of the essence for you, it is possible to speed up the execution of the order. Depending on the workload at a given time, we make express wedding accessories in 5 to 15 working days.

Express processing is additionally payable and calculated automatically after selecting the option.

Take care of the details. Discover the full collection additives and give the celebration a coherent character.

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